you can also quickly add or remove a shadow with our box-shadow utility classes. Includes support for .shadow-none and three default sizes (which have associated variables to match).

No shadow
Small shadow
Regular shadow
Larger shadow
Uniform small shadow
Uniform regular shadow
Uniform larger shadow
import React from 'react';

const Example = () => (
        <div className="shadow-none p-5 mb-7 bg-light rounded">No shadow</div>
        <div className="shadow-sm p-5 mb-7 bg-white rounded"> Small shadow</div>
        <div className="shadow p-5 mb-7 bg-white rounded">Regular shadow</div>
        <div className="shadow-lg p-5 mb-9 bg-white rounded"> Larger shadow</div>
        <div className="shadow-uniform-sm p-5 mb-7 bg-white rounded">Uniform small shadow</div>
        <div className="shadow-uniform p-5 mb-7 bg-white rounded">Uniform regular shadow</div>
        <div className="shadow-uniform-lg p-5 mb-7 bg-white rounded">Uniform larger shadow</div>

export default Example;